About us

Bespoke solutions in a cookie-cutter world

Our goal is to enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace through the effective use of technology.

All too often, we hear that business owners are fed up with tipping money down the IT hole and not getting any value out of it and, predominantly, that’s because they’ve received the wrong advice and ended up with the wrong solution.

We want to change that by providing business owners with access to the very best strategic advice for constructing, maintaining and supporting their technological assets.

It’s the relationship we have with our clients that we value over all else.  Their success is our success.


Our work process

01 Assess

Find out what’s already in place.
– Look at hardware, software, networks, configurations
– Identify any issues, vulnerabilities or misconfigurations
– Generate a road-map for any rectifying action
– report back and discuss next steps

02 Remediate

Fix, update, replace or adjust anything that needs to be fixed, updated, replaced or adjusted.

03 Consult

Find out what’s important to the client.
Where are their concerns?
What causes them headaches?

04 Contribute

Using experience and expertise gained over decades, find ways to get efficiencies from the technology in place.  Look at work flows to see if technology can be better utilised, freeing humans from the repetitious tasks so they can concentrate on the creative tasks.

If this appeals to you,
Let’s get to work.